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 Trailer Toad 3500HD  

Product Catalog
Trailer Toad 3500HD
Trailer Toad 5000SD
Weight Distribution Hitches and components.
Trailer Security @ more!!
Trailer Tires & Wheels
Trailer Tires / Wheels
Trailer Toad 3500HD
The 2019 Trailer Toad 3500HD.
(Does not include weight-distribution hitch assembly)

Built to handle trailers of all sizes. From 20' open or enclosed trailers to the popular 24' to 30' enclosed car trailers. Handles up to 1000 lbs tongue weight and 10,000 lbs trailer weight.
Works great with smaller cargo trailers too! Especially if you have a SUV or smaller tow vehicle. 

  Price $3395.00 

1400 lb. Equal-i-zer Hitch Assembly

Equal-i-zer 1400-lb rated equalizer hitch assembly is the strongest piece we can find. Forged hitch head (not a Chinese casting), high-strength steel equalizer bars and top notch components used throughout.
They are not cheap...they are the best.
$22.50 flat rate shipping until April 2020.

  Price $797.00 

Rear Extension Plate Kit

Do you need a little more clearance for the Trailer Toad tires and the tongue of your trailer? If so, here is the answer and it is built tough enough to last the lifetime of the Trailer Toad. Two 1" thick steel plates and two 3/4" steel plates clamped together with 3/4" high-quality fasteners.

The four Extension Plates will bolt on the rear of the Trailer Toad and your Weight Distribution hitch will bolt on to the Extension Plates. This moves the ball bacl about 7" and you gain a lot of clearance for the Trailer Toad tires and your trailer tongue. 

  Price $319.00 

Stabilizer Bar Kit
The Stabilizer Bar Kit will help reduce stress on the receiver tube and your hitch bar (drawbar) when backing up or turning very sharp corners. Required on trailers over 10,000 lbs.
Comes with two 3/4" RH thread QA-1 steel high-misalignment rods ends for Trailer Toad end.
Two 3/4" LH thread QA-1 steel rod ends for tow vehicle end, 
Two mild steel brackets for tow vehicle, 
High-quality bolts, nuts and washers.  
Customer must supply measurement for proper length bars.

  Price $189.95 

Super-Duty stabilizer shocks (pair)
We have worked with SkyJacker off-road shocks to offer a Super-Duty hydraulic stabilizer shock that will work on ALL Trailer Toads. WIth a larger diameter shaft, urethane bushings and heavier shock housing this is an excellent upgrade for reliability and durability. Bolt-on replacement for the standard stabilizer shock.
  Price $178.00 

Equal-i-zer brand, super-duty drawbar for front of the Trailer Toad.
Standard is 12" long, 7" rise and 3" drop. $149.95
Extended is 18" long, 7" rise and 3" drop. $169.95
Add'l drop/rise. 12" x 10" drop or rise.      $164.50

Don't trust your expensive cargo to anything less than the strongest
drawbars/shanks that fit in a 2" receiver.

  Price $149.95 

Extension Cord

Trailer Wiring Extension Cord

  Price $75.00 

Toad "TOTE" Handle
Make moving your Trailer Toad around the shop or out to the trailer much easier.
The Trailer TOTE Handle simply slides over the rear of the Trailer Toad, slide to 3/4" bolts through the holes and now you can move the Trailer Toad with far less effort.

  Price $65.00 

Fender 15" Gray

This is the OEM stype fender for the Trailer Toad 3500HD and 5000SD, Make sure you let us know whether you need a Left (Driver's side) or a Right (Passenger's side) fender when you order.

Due to size of box, UPS & FedEx call them "Dimensional Weight". You are paying for the box size, not the weight. Consider ordering a spare and saving the freight if another fender gets broken.

  Price $42.50 

2-5/16" Trailer Ball. 25K-rated

2-5/16" 25,000 lb-rated trailer ball. 1" additional rise.

  Price $34.95 

We now offer PayPal online ordering. Safe and Secure, the PayPal name is trusted world-wide.

We will also take orders over the phone. Call Jok at (319) 404-7001

Of course we respond to emails as promptly as possible: or

If you want to order a Trailer Toad and want to know what the shipping price is you can use the ASK US page of this website. It will ask for "Ship To" commercial address and some information so we can contact you with the freight quote.

If you would rather call and talk to the company owner that is fine with us. We enjoy dealing with customers on a personal level rather than have them get discouraged because an internet site is hard to navigate.


Trailer Toad LLC * PO Box 448 * Janesville * IA* 50647
 Phone: (319) 404-7001 email:

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