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Product Catalog
Trailer Toad 3500HD
Trailer Toad 5000SD
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Trailer Tires / Wheels

Trailer Toad 5000SD
The 5000SD is the newest SUPER DUTY Trailer Toad.
Will work for your standard 24' to 28' enclosed trailer, but the 5000SD is built to handle the heavy "stacker trailers" too.
Removes the excessive tongue weight found on Stacker-type trailers and some extremely heavy concession and vending trailers.
Super duty 6000-lb rated axle, 5000-lb center steering spindle.
Comes with mandatory stabilizer bar kit components and "Tote-Handle".
If you think you need a 5000SD, CALL US FIRST, we would be glad to go over the details of this Super Duty Trailer Toad.
Item #5000SD

Price $3995.00 

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We will also take orders over the phone. Call Jok at (319) 404-7001

Of course we respond to emails as promptly as possible: or

If you want to order a Trailer Toad and want to know what the shipping price is you can use the ASK US page of this website. It will ask for "Ship To" commercial address and some information so we can contact you with the freight quote.

If you would rather call and talk to the company owner that is fine with us. We enjoy dealing with customers on a personal level rather than have them get discouraged because an internet site is hard to navigate.


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