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 Ask yourself these two questions:

 Are you getting serious about protecting your motor home or truck from damages caused by heavy trailer tongue weight?

Are you looking to reduce trailer sway and simply make your trip while towing a heavy trailer more enjoyable?

You are in the ONLY website that has a product that can answer both questions with two words: Trailer Toad 


Frequently Asked Questions- and Answers

The most frequent question I receive is about getting the Trailer Toad set-up correctly. The "Short Answer" is: Please read the Installation Instructions and follow them. Then, if you have an issue or question we offer you the best personal tech support we can. Your call goes directly to the company owner and we have helped hundreds of customers get the installation done and get on the road with minimum hassle.

Q. Do I need to use a Weight Distribution Hitch with the Trailer Toad, if so, why?

A. YES!! you MUST use a weight distribution hitch with the Trailer Toad, no exceptions. The WD hitch arms let you control the "ride height" and eliminate excessive up and down bouncing. The better the quality of the WD Hitch the less problems. We recommend any brand you like that has a "positive retention device for the WD Bars". Round bars that clip into place, bars that sit on a bracket and are "captured" by a retaining bracket are excellent. If you have a trunnion-style, they will work but make sure you ask us for some ideas to prevent the bars from popping off. 

Q: Are the ST225/75R15E 10-ply tire tough enough for my trailer's tongue weight?
A: Yes, the 2016 Trailer Toad 3500HD and the 5000SD models have ST225/75R15 10-ply radial trailer tires. This Load Range E (10 ply rated) tire has solved the issue of tire longevity and availability. *Every 2016 Trailer Toad 3500HD and 5000SD now comes with 6-lug wheels. This is very common bolt pattern on trailer wheels; now you have another spare tire for the trailer since the Trailer Toad comes with a spare tire/wheel.

Q: Does the axle pivot or do the tires scuff when I turn?
A: The axle does pivot, approximately 20 degrees, and that is one of the patented features that makes it work so well. This also helps prevent excessive tire wear and dramatically reduces sway in side winds or when a semi passes you. The pivoting axle is a "true sway control" between the trailer and the tow vehicle and dampened by a pair of Monroe Steering Stabilizers.

Q: What about backing up? If the axle pivots can you back up with the Trailer Toad?
A: Yes you can back up with the Trailer Toad attached. All you do is drop the two Reverse Pins. *2016 Trailer Toad 3500HD and 5000HD models feature the new "Dual-Pin" Reverse System. Each Trailer Toad has Reverse Locking pins and receiver tubes on each side of the main frame and the axle. The pins drop down into the axle receiver on each side. When the pins are in place, the axle cannot pivot and the trailer backs up like it did before you installed the Trailer Toad. Yes, the tires scuff, or slide sideways when backing up but we have seen no adverse effects on tires or wheels. **always take the time to install the Stabilizer Bar Kit! This prevents excessive side loads on the receiver drawbar. Today's heavy trailers can cause enough side load to bend or break the drawbar and damage the receiver hitch opening. The "front stabilizer bar kit" takes a little welding to get the brackets on the tow vehicle side but the extra protection it offers is worth it in the additional support it offers for your receiver hitch and the drawbar attaching the Trailer Toad to the tow vehicle.
Q: When the Trailer Toad is in the "Reverse" position don't the tires skid if you turn sharp while backing up?
A: Yes, they do skid sideways and they may even rub against the weight-distribution bars. You will never back up enough that it will put noticeable wear on a tire. CAUTION: If you try to "jacknife" the trailer near 90 degrees you could damage a tire or wheel by jamming it into the weight distribution bars or tongue of the trailer. Use common sense and be aware of where Toad tires are when backing up at sharp angles.

If you are going to back up we recommend using the "Dual-Pin" system every time. IMPORTANT! BE SURE to raise the 'Reverse Pins" and clip them in "up" or stored position before you tow at highway speeds.  We DO NOT RECOMMEND towing at highway speed with Reverse "Dual-Pins" attached to the axle, it could affect handling and WILL increase tire wear. Technical Note:(I usually put my Reverse Pins down (Reverse position) when I arrive at an event, until I am ready to pull out onto the highway after the event. That way if I have to maneuver around I don't have to worry about the Reverse Pins if I have to back up a few times to position the trailer.)

***I have towed with the Reverse Pins in the "Reverse Locked Position" to see what would happen. The handling was not much different but the axle will not pivot and for that reason we suggest you only tow with the Reverse Pins in the stored position. If you break a stabilizer shock you can temporarily lock the axle in place and use it until you replace the stabilizer shock.

Q: After my trailer is attached to the rear of the Trailer Toad it will be about 24" farther away from the tow vehicle, how do I get the trailer wiring plugged in?
A: Don't worry, the Trailer Toad is shipped with a 48" wiring extension cord. It has the Bargman style 7-connector RV plugs already wired on each end. Unless your trailer plug-in has been modified, this extension cord will plug right in as it is pre-wired to standard trailer manufacturers specs.

Q: I have a stacker trailer and I want to tow it with my motorhome. I know it is heavy, will the Trailer Toad work in this situation?
A: Yes, it will work better than any other option.
There are IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS with stacker trailers.

  1. If the loaded gross weight of the stacker trailer is over 12,500 loaded: We recommend the Trailer Toad 5000SD model. **The 3500HD "steering spindle" wasn't designed to handle those weights.
  2. If you choose not to use your existing equalizer hitch you should purchase one with the highest weight rating you can. Strength is a concern with these heavy trailers so PLEASE: DO NOT let yourself trust an old standard 10,000/1,000 lb rated equalizer hitch assembly; get the strongest one you can. We sell only the best and strongest weight-distribution hitches. If you need detailed information please contact us. We can have one drop-shipped to you at wholesale prices.
  3. You should know your empty and loaded tongue weight. Not what you think it will weigh, what it actually weighs.The Trailer Toad does NOT add to the GCVWR of the tow vehicle. Quite simply, Trailer Toad helps you manage the heavy trailer weight better than a conventional weight-distribution hitch and prevents damage to your coach.
  4. Let's be honest here, we are all exceeding what the motor home says it should be towing, right? That is the "nature of the beast" when towing race car trailers with a motor home or even a pickup for that matter. Use common sense, maintain your tire pressure, inspect your brakes and drive defensively; that is your best protection to stay out of situations that can cause problems.
  5. Towing a heavy trailer with a motor home, or any tow vehicle for that matter, is inherently dangerous and requires some care. The 2016 Trailer Toad 3500HD is designed to handle up to 1,200 lbs tongue weight and 12,500 lbs gross trailer weight. The 2016 Trailer Toad 5000SD is designed to handle tongue weights in excess of 1000 lbs to 3000 lbs and gross trailer weights from 10,000 to 24,000 lbs.
  6. We include a Stabilizer Bar Kit with every new Trailer Toad and recommend you install it for all applications. The Stabilizer Bar Kit will help control the extreme side loads much better. With that much weight, stopping is another consideration. The Trailer Toad does not have brakes but it helps keep the coach balanced and this prevents the front tires from skidding, allowing your ABS to help stop you better. Always check your trailer brakes to keep them in optimum condition. "It's your "stuff" in the trailer, protect it with good trailer maintenance!"
  7. Should I reinforce my receiver hitch? Your frame-mounted receiver hitch needs to be strong enough to support the forward and rearward loads of stopping your trailer. Make sure you have sufficient bracing in the receiver tube area so it will will not "roll under" in severe stopping situations. There is a picture on this page of the bracing we did to our own hitch.  

    This list of frequently asked questions are the ones I hear all the time. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please call me or... or TEXT me at (319) 404-7001. I will do my best to get you an accurate answer. We have satisfied customers all over the USA and Canada so we are doing it the right way, something I am proud of.

Want to see the Trailer Toad turn a 90-degree corner?

This camera angle puts you over the Trailer Toad.

Click on this link to see the Trailer Toad turning a 90-degree corner. Note the axle pivoting as it follows the coach.

Our Company Goals
  • Offer our customers personal Customer Service when they need it.
  • To provide the only trailer hitch that offers "zero tongue-weight" for the motor home.
  • To  provide a way to tow your heavy trailers in the safest possible way so you can enjoy your trip.

Why we are the experts-
Our Trailer Toad business was founded in 2005. By the end of 2007 we were the largest distributor of Trailer Toads in the United States, outselling our nearest competitor about 20:1. In January of 2008 we purchased the manufacturing rights to produce the Trailer Toad. Now we can control all aspects of getting the Trailer Toad to the customers who want a quality product that will enhance their towing experience and protect their investments they have in the tow vehicle while also providing a smoother ride and a safer journey.

We use the Trailer Toad to haul our race cars. We have personally installed over 25 Trailer Toads for customers, most in the pit area at the race event while the customer was out winning races!

The excellent input from our customers has kept us on top of needed changes and upgrades. Now that we are also the manufacturer we can keep costs down while maintaining the best quality possible.

Right side reverse pin in the "locked" position.
When in the down position, you can back up.

Left side Reverse Pin in "Tow Position"
When pin is up, axle can pivot. For highway use now.

Reverse Pin is down into square tube on axle.
When pin is in this position, you can back up.

This view is with hitch flipped over on sawhorse.
We put the 2x4 tubing under the receiver, braced with 1.625" tubing.

Trailer Toad LLC * PO Box 448 * Janesville * IA* 50647
 Phone: (319) 404-7001 email:

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