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TowMaster's new All-Steel Trailer Radial
Available in 225/75R15F and 235/85R16G

Finally we have them!
A 15" ST225/75R15F 12-ply-rated All-Steel Construction trailer radial.
No need to spend the money to try to fit 16" radials under your trailer fenders.
Due to the added strength and increased air pressure (110 psi) it requires it requires a stronger wheel.
We are offering a "Tire/Wheel/spin-balanced Package" for $232.50.
Call for UPS shipping quote. (68 lbs ea.)
For you 16" trailer tire owners we also have something special:
The new ST235/85R16G or ST235/80R16G 14-ply rated All-Steel Construction trailer radial.
No need to go to the expensive Goodyear G114 or the Firestone TransForce tires.
We are offering this tire to you for only $173.00 ea.
We can also mount and balance them and ship them to you, call for quotes. 
Use your standard rim or we can supply this great new tire on steel wheels or aluminum in many styles.
Call or email for pictures of our aluminum trailer wheel selection.

TrailerJax Maxx. 12K hydraulic tongue jack
Want a "steady" tongue jack...HERE IT IS!

"Trailer Jax MAXX"

by Trailer Toad LLC 

Quit messing with that 12V-JUNK tongue jack. Get a hydraulic Trailer-Jax MAXX

12,000-lb lifting capacity. 24" of vertical travel.

No tongue jack we have ever seen is more stable when at full extension.



Here is another great line of products we offer our customers with trailers:



  by Advanced Wireless.

featured product:"Alarm-Track" 

Just what you have been waiting for.

GPS Trailer Tracking System and

a complete Alarm System in one package.

$899.00 includes the following:

(GPS Tracking available separate for $599.00 if all you want to do is "know where your valuable equipment is".)

  • Easy 3-wire installation.
  • Very small and compact (EZ to conceal)
  • See (via the Internet) the exact location of your trailer, at any time.
  • Price includes a personal website we setup for you.
  • No monthly fees with this system!
  • Annual fee of $20.00 includes four daily updates on location.
  • Additional "updates" available for only $.30 ea. Sold in bundles of 100 for $30.00.
  • Receive IMMEDIATE NOTICE if the trailer moves outside the distance you set up.
  • System can send up to 5 text messages, 5 email messages or place 5 cell phone calls.
  • Internal battery, so even if the thief clips the battery cables "you can locate the trailer"!
  • GPS alerts you to low or dead battery.
  • Third wire can be attached to set off the Alarm as well.
  • Our standard "wireless alarm" is included and has two wireless door sensors, additional sensors available.

This is the GPS roof-mounted unit.

The photo above shows the "black box" that contains the GPS unit. It is activated by two systems:

1. If the Trailer-ALarmZ standard trailer alarm is triggered a wire to the GPS unit starts sending the text messages or making the cel phone calls.

2. If the trailer is pulled out of the "GEO-fence" you set up on the website we provide (which is easy to use), the GPS system makes the cell phone calls you programmed and sends out the text messages you set up.

Even if the thieves cut the battery cable, the GPS system continues to work off it's internal battery. 

This is the Complete Trailer Alarm Kit.

    Brand New Item. Great Value! 
         DIGITAL TILT SENSOR             
The TILT SENSOR detects when the trailer is being raised in an attempt to NOT break into your trailer BUT steal the ENTIRE trailer or steal the wheels off your trailer. 
 If the thief cuts your tongue lock off and attempts to hook your trailer up to HIS truck, as soon as it is raised or lowered the TILT SENSOR will set off your alarm (and call you if you have the GPS option). 
The alarm will set off a very loud & piercing siren,
flash the trailer lights,
lock the trailer brakes for a FULL 5 minutes then reset! 
The TILT SENSOR can be set for 1 or 3 degrees sensitivity.   
Great option to add to your alarm as it only cost: $79.95!   
 SIMPLE TO INSTALL as the sensor only has three wires.  
Contact us at the Trailer Toad phone (319) 404-7001
call or text, we will return all calls or text messages.

Big performance comes in small packages.
If the trailer is jacked up, even to steal the tires.BOOM!

Are you tired of not being able to reach your winch control switch when you load your car?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just "push a button on a remote switch" and run the winch In or Out as you steer it in?

Do you have a winch to lift and lower the rear door of the trailer?

How about running it with the same wireless remote switch?

NOW...there is an answer to these questions; the Wireless Remote winch control kit.

For $159.95 your loading and unloading JUST GOT EASIER! 

Makes getting in and out of trailers..EZ !!
Some older Superwinches need a new style plug in.

Trailer Toad LLC * PO Box 448 * Janesville * IA* 50647
 Phone: (319) 404-7001 email:

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