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Below you will find links to different videos about the Trailer Toads and some installation videos as well.

This page will also feature new product announcements and Used and Remanufactured Trailer Toads.

Trailer Toad backing up: This short video shows us backing up our stacker trailer (19,000-lbs) across a road in the pit area, back onto the grass and then going forward.

You can see the stress that gets put on the tires and wheels backing up. That is why we recommend the optional "stabilizer bar kit" to add support to your receiver hitch and the drawbar.

Click on the "link" below to watch the video:


This video "link" to Youtube will show a Trailer Toad making a 90-degree turn. You can see the main frame stays in line with the coach and the axle pivots. This prevents tire scuffing and adds stability at highway speeds as the Toad will "follow the coach".

Click on the "link" below to watch the Trailer Toad turn.

This video shows the Trailer Toad turning a corner.


This link is not to YouTube but takes you to an Independent Road Test of the Trailer Toad by RV Magazine.


RV MagazineRoad Test

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