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Used Trailer Toads
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                Used Trailer Toads.
*Some with the Customer and some at our shop. 
*Refurbished Trailer Toads.

We currently have access to TWO used Trailer Toads,

and one brand new 5000SD that was shipped to customer but would not fit the custom built tongue/couple attachment they had.

1. 2016 3500HD. Currently sitting in Leesville, LA. Great condition and ready to go.  $2550.00.

2. 2011 3000HD. Lighter duty version but very nice shape. Great unit for trailers unbder 10,000 with less than 800 lbs tongue-weight. Comes with alloy wheels, 15" tires, weight-distribution hitch and front stabilizer bars. $1950.00. This one is sitting at our shop in Janesville, IA. You can pick it up or I can ship it.

3. Brand new 5000SD Extreme. LOADED with options like three alloy wheels, 12-ply F-rated tires, Extreme Duty Sky-Jacker stabilizers and 1400/14,000 Equalizer weight distribution hitch. The trailer manufacturer simply made such a wide plate on the front of the trailer (for some unknown reason) that no weight distribution hitch will work with the way the tongue was built and customer did not want to re-construct it. Sitting in Ohio but we can have it shipped to you. Complete Trailer Toad 5000SD with every option. $5300.00. If you have a heavy stacker and a diesel coach you want to protect this would be the absolute top of the line best Trailer Toad to help you tow smoother, safer and with no weight on the coach.


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