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Here are some of our customer's Toads in action and their race cars in action.

The Olds Cutlass "Shop Car".

The Trailer Toad works great on truck campers too.
The 2011 Trailer Toad 3500 HD.


Jim Lippert of Kansas got the first 5000SD
He was very impressed on the improved ride he got.

In the picture above you see a 42" Monaco diesel pusher with a tag axle. Jim Lippert wasn't really sure he needed a Trailer Toad but didn't want to damage a really nice coach. Once he headed down the highway he felt the smoother ride, less sway and knew he made the right decision. He called us when he got home and told me, quote: "If you ever need someone to answer a question on whether the Trailer Toad is worth the money, have them call me. It is now a pleasure to tow that big trailer, even if it is windy out here in Kansas."

The Prevost is known for durability,
But even a bus needs rear frame protection

David Johnston, Miami FL: Thank you for a great product that smoothed out the ride and will protect my Prevost motor coach from rear frame damage that could result from using it to tow my Stacker Trailer and vintage Midget race cars.
Update: 10/1/2012- "We made the 6000 mile trip to Bonneville, UT and back through the Rocky Mountains, with NO TRAILER BRAKES! It trailed so nicely we didn't notice it. I had the trailer plug reconfigured at Marathon Bus and they put the electric brake wire on the wrong terminal. Shame on me for not checking it out properly but I have never towed with electric brakes and they worked before so I ASSUMED (you know what that means) that they worked. Thanks to the Trailer Toad and the great handling it was never an issue."

 RV Magazine- 2010: The Trailer Toad performed as promised. It made the 4000 mile trip smoother, less stressful and did exactly what we had hoped it would do. Hooking it up and adjusting it the first time only took about 30 minutes. Excellent product and outstanding quality throughout. Kurt Forget, RV Magazine 2010.
"I won't tow my trailer with my motor home without the Trailer Toad. It is amazingly smoother and so mush more stable." "Thank you for a great product that performs just like you said it would." Jackie Newberry, Arkansas.

"The Trailer Toad performed like you said it would, your service was excellent in taking care of the tire and fender warranty issues, thank you! We switched to the 15" tires and said "good-bye" to worrying about tires" Leon Oenes, Colorado.
"Your product made a world of difference in how smooth our trip was from Florida to California and back. We travel and sell books for a living and without the Trailer Toad it would have been nearly impossible to tow the 30' - 10,000 lb trailer across the country with my Excursion." "I appreciate the personal service on getting me the spare tires as well, thanks!" Gus Solis, Florida
"I don't want tow without the Trailer Toad. So much smoother and the door on my coach doesn't bind up like it did with a regular equalizer hitch." Thanks for helping protect my investment I made in the coach. John Brimer, Texas.
"I have been telling all my racing buddies that have motor homes, the Trailer Toad will solve a lot of their issues and protect the coach as well. Mine has worked like a champ, thank you for the personal service getting it adjusted, just right." Roger Weaver, Indiana.

Mike Dowling's 3500HD Trailer Toad.
Tom wouldn't tow without his Toad
Over 16,000 lbs and no weight on the SUV!
John "hangs them in the air" in his Camaro
Not all Toads go in front of enclosed trailers.
With the truck camper, Toads controls tongue weight

Tom N. from Florida tows a huge 40' tag trailer with his Heavy Duty Tahoe.
Now, with no tongue weight, the handling is excellent and the SUV is not being damaged.
This trailer tips the scales at 16,000 pounds!!!!

Donna Marx's older Toad, now she has a 3500HD

" I just wanted to tell you that I love the Trailer Toad, you have another very satisfied customer. If you ever need a reference for a future customer, have them call me." Michael Olivieri, CA

"Slick Rick" Beahr has a tight hold on that NHRA National Event Wally he earned at the Summit Nationals in Norwalk, OH. His Trailer Toad has carried him around to several big wins this season. When you aren't worrying about damaging your motorhome when you are towing, you can think about WINNING!

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 Phone: (319) 404-7001 email:

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